Village City Island Sim vs SimCity Buildit

Village City Island Sim vs SimCity BuildIt

After years of Sims series PC games, EA now offers SimCity BuildIt exclusively for mobile devices. If you loved playing Sims for PC, this new mobile version of SimCity lets you bring your Sim world with you. EA also offers other titles such as Plants vs. Zombies 2 and Bejeweled Blitz. Both games are available on Android and Apple app stores. Pearl Games also offers another Android title on Google Play, an arcade game called Crossy Slopes and Snowy Roads.

The premise of Village City Island Sim is building and developing a community for your tiny residents. It’s a free game with ongoing challenges and adventures, with the opportunity to earn rewards for completing goals. A “City Advisor” offers tips on how to grow your island city, or you can just explore the beach and look for pirate treasure. With over 100 building options including residential buildings and beaches there are a ton of ways to customize your very own island getaway. Of course, keeping the residents happy is the main goal of the game. Maintaining a successful city requires some multitasking and keeping track of resources and residents.

SimCity BuildIt is also a free game and the concept is similar to the original SimCity PC games. As the mayor of SimCity it’s your job to build and manage each structure in the game. The mayor must collect taxes, deliver building materials, and expand the city. Situations like traffic and environmental concerns present realistic problems to be solved. Trade resources with other cities and friends, or compete against other players online and vie for ranking in the Megalopolis Elite League. The bigger your city grows, the harder and smarter you work as mayor to solve the problems that crop up.

Both Village City Island Sim and SimCity BuildIt have the ability to keep playing offline, a huge perk for players who like to game outside data restrictions or internet access. SimCity BuildIt has an involved building process requiring the mayor to be present for deliveries. This makes the game more intricate because multiple materials have to be accepted or made in order to continue building. In the event that the stores of a product are low, the mayor has to step in and find the needed materials or make them. This makes the game more realistic because of the timeline of the building process and its material needs.
In Village City Island Sim less interaction doesn’t mean progress stops, just that development of the city won’t continue as quickly as more involved gaming. Village City Island Sim also allows for more free play than SimCity BuildIt, in the form of treasure seeking adventures and just checking out the beach. In both games, the bigger the city, the more involved you become in maintaining resident happiness through creating jobs and managing resources. Village City Island Sim offers friend codes and gift codes, while SimCity BuildIt offers resource trading with your friends or online neighbors.

Both Village City Island Sim and SimCity BuildIt offer dynamic gaming experiences conveniently on your smartphone or tablet. Both are intuitive and involved with almost limitless possibilities, because your decisions influence the direction of play. Once you get started, you can easily spend hours designing, building, and maintaining your growing city. Rewards come from keeping existing residents happy and attracting new ones. Simulation games have recently exploded in popularity for both Android and Apple devices. Village City Island Sim and SimCity BuildIt are convenient free options that serve to introduce mobile gamers to the world of virtual city creation and development.

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