Village City Island Sim 2 vs SimCity Buildit

Simulation Games To Try

In a society, where gaming and apps are all the rage, simulation and building games have created a huge and loyal fan base. With the creativity factor alone, they prove to be some of the most addicting and exciting games that you can put on your tablet or smartphone. This entertaining game genre has many apps to offer you but two particular ones that are winning the hearts of gamers everywhere are Sim City BuildIt and Village City-Island Sim. They are both revolved around designing the perfect and most successful city possible, but they also carry unique differences that will help you to decide which game is better for you.

The name ” Sim” has been around for over twenty five years. Whether you’ve played The Sims, or you were playing Sim Town and Sim Farm back in the 90’s, EA has made vast improvements in these games. Its original creator, Maxis was so incredibly popular as well, and they introduce the “Sim” name we all know and love. This particular variety of Sim City allows you to create your city, balance the needs of your beloved sims and trade goods on a global market. This take on the game is much more realistic and challenging, but one feature they decided to bring back from its originals was the ability to unleash natural disasters. Talk about challenging your city!

In Village City-Island Sim, the objective is the same: create a successful city with happy citizens. However, the setting is much different as it is seafront. You are to design your city on the ocean, where it allows you to use tropical structures such as beach huts. This fun take on the game is exciting to the players because its not your average city. Besides, who wouldn’t want to be in charge of a beautiful paradise? In this game, you’ve got two forms of currency: cash and gold, so handle your entrepreneurial transactions wisely. You have the power to create jobs for your citizens but, remember, the happier they are, the more new citizens you will attract in your community.

The most obvious difference between these two simulation games is that one is seafront, and the other is just your basic city. The currency difference is one notable as well, and the ability to create jobs is only featured in Village City-Island Sim. Both rely on the happiness of their citizens for success, and their are endless challenges regarding business, and your people. The trading factor will only be seen in Sim City BuildIt which is a very realistic feature.

The great thing about building and simulation games is the creativity involved. You are the designer, the person in charge, the entrepreneur, and the only hope for your community. Sometimes these games will consume much of your time, because the challenges are endless and you want to see success as soon as possible. Both of these games hold unique factors which might entice you to play. Village City-Island Sim has a fun spin on it where you can create a paradise for the people and work hard to keep them happy and keep your community growing. Sim City BuildIt brings back a little nostalgia from the older games, while adding realistic traits and new challenges to face.

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