Village City Island Sim 2 vs FarmVille

Creating Worlds With Amazing Games
For anyone with a love for creating their own surroundings, there are many simulation games available to entertain them. These games allow players to build their own worlds while controlling exactly what happens. Two games worth mentioning in this genre are Village City Island Sim 2 and Farmville. Village City was created by Pearl Games and is a ridiculously fun way to experience the building of a city. Farmville was introduced by Zynga back in 2009 and shows players how exciting building and running a farm can be. Both games are highly rated as well as highly addicting. Players should get ready for a good time with both of these games.
Village City Island 2 is perfect for anyone who is fond of building simulation games. In this version of the game, players start their city from scratch and determine where to put houses, how to keep citizens happy and do whatever they can to improve the scenery. There are numerous quests available to unlock new buildings such as movie theaters, bakeries and hotels. Village City also lets players find ways to attract new citizens with scenery like parks, schools and libraries. In this game, happy citizens means greater expansion for the city.
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Farmville is a game that uses social media to help players experience farm life. In this game, players earn farm coins to purchase items that will improve their farm. Using the social media aspect, Farmville lets players talk to their friends through the game to try and expand their farm at a quicker pace. For example, friends can share farmhands or even get rewards from helping each other. To grown the farm, players need to raise both crops and livestock as well as decorate their space. For anyone who is a fan of farming simulations, Farmville is the way to go.
These two games will both be fun for people who like controlling their own experiences. The simulation aspect allows player to be in complete control of their farm or city. Though the point of both games is pretty similar, the way to advance is not. Village City focuses more on quests and tasks to grow a city while Farville uses social media platforms to help a farm evolve. There are in game purchases available in both siulations, but they are not necessary for anyone who does not want to spend real money. Each game gives players other options to advance, but making purchases will speed up the process. For anyone who wants to play a game while checking in with friends, Farmville is the better choice. Any player who wants to build a city with some quests along the way will be immediately addicted to Village City Island Sim 2.
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With the abundance of simulation games available, it is good for players to know exactly what they want. Most games can offer the chance to build and create new surroundings, but it is the differences that will make a game truly enjoyable. When it comes to Village City Island Sim 2 and Farmville, players cannot go wrong with either one. The main difference players should keep in mind is how social they want to be as well as their preference between growing crops or placing buildings. Other than that, these two games will provide endless fun for any player looking to become immersed in a world they created on their own.
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