Township Vs City Island 4

Township Vs City Island 4
Modern City Building games have taken the gaming industry by storm and proven to be a favorite of many. When you are a city building enthusiast, there are two games which can quench one’s thirst. Township and City Island for are two mobile city building games which are designed to demand that a player builds and maintains cities. Each game, though having a similar goal, is uniquely different having different developers. Township was developed by Playrix Games while City Island 4 is brought to gamers by Sparkling Society. Though made by different developers, both games were made to be enjoyed by people of all ages.For a Township gamer, they play mayor of a small town they hope to grow larger over time. They are at the same time tasked with farming. The beginning stages of the game involve planting and harvesting crops so as to gather and grow income. Later, after amassing facilities, the gamer can start creating an urban centre. It is from this urban centre that the town grows from. The game offers mines to explore as well as islands to discover once the gamers influence as mayor has grown enough. Once fully developed, the farm town is one like no other.

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City Island 4 however is confined to city building without involving the farming. Just like in Township, the gamer gets to play mayor, but one that has to grow a perfect city from a little paradise Island. The gamer here has to focus on making the dwellers of their city happy by improving roadways, adding buildings and providing services and other community needs. The major challenge comes in the budgeting for the city growth without going bankrupt. This version of City Island has advantages over its earlier versions as it has better graphics and is supported on tablets.

Township and City Island 4 are two games that provide a fun way to practice managing a city apart from the fact that they have an almost similar visual appearance. Their graphics though cartoony in appearance, are well drawn and sleek. Other than this, the gameplay of the two games differ slightly with Township taking the less tactically challenging role. This is because its play screen only has two buttons and a small area showing the level the gamer is in as well as the number of likes. In contrast, City Island 4 has more buttons for city building and the gamer has to worry about the income, the people, city growth and other issues rather than the level they are in.


Both games provide maximum fun when it comes to virtual town building as they are both crafted to provide a non-stressful, visually pleasing experience. However, those with little building experience can find more comfort in Township due to its casual approach as seen in its fewer statistics to monitor as well as in the games to be completed so as to find city treasures. Those looking for a real city building challenge will savor City Island’s 4 well organized more sophisticated statistics.

Every gamer’s dream is to find a game that quenches their thirst and keeps the hooked to the game not just for the love of it but for its quality graphics and challenging quests. Like any other gamer, the city building enthusiast has a wide variety of games to choose from. The city building fun has been brought to the mobile phones and games can be played anywhere, anytime. Therefore, it is just up to the gamer to find the most perfect city building game which suites their tastes and preferences as well as their play style.

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