Township vs. City Island 3

Township vs. City Island 3
Without a doubt, two of the hottest city building games available on mobile right now are Township and City Island 3. Township comes to us courtesy of developer Playrix, who masterly use their expertise in crafting colorfully charming builder games to infuse this title all about building the perfect little town with a hefty dose of character. Meanwhile, City Island 3 is developer Sparkling Society’s latest entry into a city building franchise that is as renown for its depth of play as it is for its addictiveness. Which of these titans of the genre is best for you? Let’s find out.

Much like Farmville before it, Township takes a rather quaint approach to this genre by asking players to manage a small town and turn it into a rural utopia. Here, though, there is a far greater importance placed on aspects like your town’s economy and trade. While you start off with a fairly well-established town that is capable of generating great resources on its own, the true path to success in Township comes through trading with other players. Only by linking your game to other are you able to acquire the most valuable resources and create the best town possible.

City Island 3

City Island 3
City Island 3offers players the chance to turn a tropical paradise into a thriving city. Unlike other games in the series, however, this one gives you control of an entire archipelago and allows you to turn each island into a thriving hub. This alone grants the game far more content than any other in the franchise, but developer Sparkling Society didn’t stop there as they also loaded City Island 3 with more building options and in-game items than all but the biggest games in this genre could ever hope to possible match. The sheer amount of content in this game does make it feel like anything is possible to build.
City Island 3
ComparisonThe biggest difference between Township and City Island 3, besides their choice in locations, is what they emphasize. Township is built more around the idea of building a thriving economy as opposed to a giant city. This emphasis on trade not only helps to distinguish the game from all others of this type but also adds an extra social element to the experience as you must interact with fellow players more in order to acquire the necessary resources. It’s also quite clever in the way it encourages exploration of the in-game mechanics by rewarding players who realize things like the value of baking bread over just selling off the wheat.

On the other hand, City Island 3 is based more around the idea of building an actual city as we’ve seen in games like SimCity. In that regard, it is one of the best mobile titles available. While you won’t find an economy system nearly as robust as the one in Township, City Island 3 makes up for this in the way it makes you feel like you are really building an island empire that stretches across multiple settlements. The creative buildings and vibrant graphics of this game really do lead to an experience where the player is able to create something truly unique.
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The City Island 3 may just be the best of its kind, but there is nothing else out there quite like Township. It’s a game that’s more focused on running a town from the ground level than it is from managing it from above and, because of that, ends up feeling like a more intimate experience. However, it is certainly worth noting that both of these games are unique and skilled enough in what they are trying to accomplish to merit a recommendation to anyone that feels they are a fan of their particular styles.

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