SimCity Buildit vs City Island 3

Building Game Apps All The Rage

In today’s society, technology is, for sure, at its finest. Whether it’s on your smartphone or your tablet, game apps are highly popular and desired by people worldwide. Two well known games you may have seen or heard of are Sim City BuildIt and City Island 2. Building and tycoon games have been around for many years and have always carried a large fan base. With these two games, they are alike in many ways, but different in others, making each one unique in their own way.

Sim games have been around for a long time now- popular for the original Sim City, Sim Town, The Sims and many more, their recent creator, EA, has made a loyal group of fans. In this particular variety, Sim City BuildIt allows you to create your city, while balancing the needs of your citizens and letting you trade goods on a global market. This realistic take on the game is a great challenge for game players, but also allowing the creativity of designing your city. Keeping your citizens happy is the key in this game. One old game idea that returned was the natural disasters- you can cause natural disasters in your city, which is something featured in many of the Sim games.

City Island 2, is exactly as described. The second of its kind, you can create a city off the coast of the ocean. This tropical game allows you to mix regular building structures with beach huts and palm trees. Their are two different currencies- gold and cash. Collect money from your businesses and drivers to keep you city going. The challenges are endless and the object of the game is to keep building up your city. This app is so much fun and you will love the unique beach factor it brings to the game.

Both of these popular games are based on creating the perfect city and watching it succeed financially. City Island 2 clearly offer a more tropical theme while Sim City BuildIt keeps it classic like its preceding versions. City Island 2 seems to be more based on keeping the currency flowing and construction nonstop while Sim City BuildIt seems to require more governed transactions such as trading and balancing services for its citizens.

These games both have much to offer to their players. They both require a lot of attnerion, strategizing and experimenting to figure out the best way to create a successful city. These apps are highly addictive and you will want to cater to your citizens and the cities as much as you possibly can. While Sim City BuildIt brings back nostalgia that old Sim Cify feel from many years ago, City Island 2 offers a unique twist sure to attract a new fan base. Whichever one you might play, these are both excellent, creative games.

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