SimCity Buildit vs City Island 2

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You may have heard of two popular game apps for smartphones and tablets called Sim City BuildIt and City Island 2. Sim City BuildIt was created by EA, which is a popular brand of various “Sim” games. City Island 2 who’s developer, Sparkling Society, has also found success with their apps that feature building and running cities. These two apps have definite similarities but also have differences that will define which one you would most enjoy.

EA’s Sim games have a large fan base- they have been coming out with different varieties of simulation games for many years now. This particular variety allows you to build your city, balance services and the needs of your customers and trade goods on the global market. This realistic game will have you learning about what it really takes to run a city, while enjoying the creativity aspect. Unleash natural disasters to challenge your city, or complete challenges to better your city. Your options for growth are endless, and keeping the citizens happy will prove to be one of your favorite accomplishments in this exciting game.

On the other hand, you have City Island 2, which is also a type of building/tycoon game. In this game, which is the second of its kind, it allows you to build a city on the seafront, which is one major difference from other city based games. You can combine your typical building structures with palm trees and beach huts. Not to mention, your currencies include cash AND gold. Collect your cash from businesses and workers periodically to keep improving your city on the island. This exciting game will have you loving the uniqueness of it.

While both of these games are based on creating and running a successful city, there are obvious differences in the two. City Island 2 features a more tropical theme while Sim City BuildIt is a bit more classic. Sim City Buildit allows you to balance services and trade products to keep your city thriving, while City Island 2 is based off of cash and gold transactions, endless challenges and continuously building new structures.

These two games are both creative and require attention and strategy to create a successful city. Though time consuming, these app based games will have you addicted to catering to your citizens to create the perfect living environment. City Island 2 brings that tropical beach factor, which is new and exciting. Sim City BuildIt brings back the Sim City feel from the 90’s that we all grew up loving, but with added challenges and features. No matter which game you decide to play, if you are a tycoon lover, these games are perfect for you to try out.

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