Paradise Island 2 vs Village City Island Sim

Paradise Island 2 or Village City Island Sim?
Paradise Island 2 and Village City Island Sim are mobile app games in the highly successful simulation game arena. Developed by Game Insight and Pearl Games respectively, both give users a fresh approach to mobile gaming. With simulation gaming at an all time high both of these games give users an outlet to create. From in game adventures to earning in game currency there’s something for every kind of player.
Village city Island SimParadise Island 2 allows users to play out their grandiose tycoon dreams. The user begins with their sights on restoring a former resort to the glory of yesteryear. With more than 300 different styles of buildings to choose from, this game will give you something new for months. Among the features are grand feats which allow the player to restore ancient temples. Paradise Island 2 also includes bonus mini games, allowing players a way to stay involved while, waiting for the clock to expire. This is an awesome follow-up to a game already loved and played by millions.Village City Island SIM  has the noted distinction of being the number 1 free play game in the simulation market. It stands out with top notch graphics with well over 100 unique buildings to choose from. This game allows the user to go on adventures on the high seas finding pirate chests filled with gold and cash to aid in construction. With the ability to add tiny features such as trees, parks & Ferris wheels citizens will be flocking to this island retreat. The tiny quirks in this game put it at the top of the leaderboard.Village city Island Sim
The difference between these two games is quite noticeable. Paradise Island 2 edges out it’s competition in the uniqueness column by the sheer number of building variations. It also provides numerous in game activates not found in Village City. However, Village City provides greater world access to it’s content by making the app available in 18 languages. More languages translates to more people, more neighbors, and more opportunity to build. Another factor separating the two is in app purchases. Village City allows the player to find cash and gold to reduce the time wall all fans of simulated games have come to dread. Paradise Island does win in the grand quests challenge as a feat of strength. It also allows gamers to participate in daily competions to see who was the best land owner of the day. The best feature in Paradise, is the ability to play in offline mode. Offline mode is greatly appreciated by air travelers, and those where Wi-Fi is inaccessible.

Village city Island Sim

Casual gamers, and hardcore alike can’t go wrong with either of these games. Both games are set on beaches, and have the ability to play with friends. Each simulation allows you to unlock your creative potential by building the island of your dreams. A great island soundtrack follows you whether you’re building temples or chasing pirate loot. Personal preference is all that will separate these two in the long run as they are equally worth the play.

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