Paradise Island 2 vs City Island 4

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Looking at the games Paradise Island 2 and City Island 4 we are dealing with two very different yet like games for your mobile phone or laptop. Paradise Island 2 was designed by Game Insight. This company offers and array of games and game types that differ in layout and design. City Island 2 was designed by Sparkling Society. That particular game developer offers a large selection of games but they are all of the same layout and type. This designer focuses mostly on city building format that allows the game to build city life in different areas of the world.
Paradise island 2City Island 4
Paradise Island 2 is and island based game using a deserted island as the start. The gamer gets to be the mayor and gets to build the town and gather people who want to move to the town as it expands. This game offers fun and interactive was for the gamer to earn money and experience to be able to upgrade things on the island and allow more people to move in. The game features fun beach or island type activities and homes that get to be built and added the gamers ultimate getaway and you the Mayor get to oversee.
City Island 4 is a game that starts as an open area near a city beach. This game has an upscale feel allowing the gamer to build and design his or hers own lavish city. The gamer is in control of the layout and design with the ability to choose for single story buildings as well as sky scrapers as the game progresses. This particular game is day and night simulated so the gamer gets a real feel for the town on a more real level. Time simulation on this game allows for a more trying and real experience.
When putting Paradise Island 2 and City Island 4 in prospective to each other, although very different games they still have a lot of similarities once put side by side. Both of these games are a self design layout. This means that the gamer gets to choose where the buildings, homes and so one are put and this give the gamer the freedom to create and design his or her own unique town or island. These games both use and experience upgrade type system although both offer in application purchases to upgrade. When choosing to use the free versions you must work in the city or town to earn experience and money in order to move on or expand. Both games offer small mini games for the gamer to play in order to earn extra money. Differences exist besides the obvious with these to games as well. City Island 4 running on real time makes things a bit more real for the gamer seeing that the stores and businesses close at night. Paradise Island 2 offers you a more personal gaming experience with you being the Mayor of the town is giving the gamer more responsibility in the game.
Choosing a game to play is always tuff and looking at these two games makes it no easier. Both very awesome games offering such different gaming experiences. The layout and format of these games are alike yet different in so many ways as they offer the gamer a very hands on approach to a Mobil game in allowing them to build, design and create an exotic getaway or a lavish life luxury type city all at ones finger tips. The choice is hard but both games have awesome user ratings with both of them at a 4.3 in the user reviews.

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