Megapolis vs Village City Island Sim

Megapolis vs Village City Island Sim

If two games are similar, one will often cover aspects that the other does not. Megapolis is a game developed by Social Quantum, Ltd. Allowing users to build major civilizations and to manage the finances affiliated with each aspect of a society, this three-dimensional game is for the ruler at heart. Village City Island Sim, on the other hand, is a game for the family person who loves a strong sense of community. Developed by Pearl Games, this simulated experience allows you to build a dream community for all of your citizens. Both of these games are mobile friendly, and both game developers have millions of users each.


Supported in over twenty countries, this strategic game has over ten million downloads. This city builder requires its users to keep track of their finances as they build railways, airports, seaports, power plants, and expand their city’s capabilities by mining for oil and gas. Combining vintage and modern aspects, this game has endless possibilities in expanding a city across seas and unclaimed land. Depicting well-known architecture from the past and present, Social Quantum undoubtedly used their title of being a top industry influence to create an addictive game. Nearly one thousand buildings and materials, this game forces you to work with neighbors in order to build an empire.

Village City Island Sim

By building houses for your citizens, you are able to feel fulfilled in aspects of joy and affluence. Using simulated cash and gold currencies, this game by Pearl Games allows you to be a dream Mayor. Enticing citizens with recreational activities such as parks and beaches, you must also manage and expand important city buildings. Quality graphics ensure that you are put right in the middle of your little town. You and over one million users embark on a journey that allows you to gain XP as you expand your city to an island paradise. Moving your citizens there allows you to have the best of both worlds. Equipped with a city advisor who tells you what your city is lacking, this game makes sure that you cannot cut any corners.


Both games bring something to the table that the other does not. Whereas Megapolis covers the technical aspects of building your own city, the other covers the aspects of pleasing your citizens. Both developers ensure quality graphics and the ability to be played on a multitude of devices. Compatible with both Android and iPhone devices, both of these games are rated at least four stars. Though Megapolis offers more recognizable features, Village City Island Sim offers more relatable aspects. Each game offers strengths and weaknesses, and picks up the slack that the other lacks. Both of them are unique in their own ways, ultimately leaving the decision to choose between them impossible.

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