Megapolis vs Village City Island Sim 2

Megapolis vs Village City Island Sim 2


Do you dream of running your own city? Erecting houses, planning roads, and creating a bustling center for your simulated citizens? Megapolis and Village City Island Sim are two great “tycoon” city-building mobile games for Android and Apple. Village City Island Sim is the latest from Pearl Games, a relatively new and promising mobile developer, while Megapolis is the brainchild of Social Quantum, who has several successful titles to their name.


In Megapolis, players are tasked with turning a large plot of land into a thriving city, with an emphasis on smart planning, thinking ahead, and changing together mutually beneficial structures. The game oozes a charm which sets it apart from so many others of this genre, with its cheeky elevator music and cute animations of builders and citizens going about their daily tasks. It’s also a game of impressive depth for mobile, and really rewards crunching the numbers, balancing utility needs with proper expansion, and alternating between expanding your town’s industry, residential areas, entertainment districts, and commercial options.


Village City Island Sim casts players as the mayor of a vast open island, with the goal of growing it from an empty expanse to a seaside town, and then to a full-fledged city. The game boasts tons of unique buildings which can be bought, earned through quests, or unlocked socially. Players of Village City Island Sim will have to create an attractive town to get new residents, create housing to keep them around, and then provide them with jobs and resources to keep them happy, healthy, and paying taxes. Balancing these three main jobs is no easy task, but it is certainly a fun one with the game’s cheerful atmosphere and pleasant graphics.


Megapolis and Village City Island Sim are, on the face of it, very similar. They’re both city builders, both have tap elements, both have you starting from nothing to a city of incredible scale, and both combine daily rewards, quests, and social options to always give you something to do. They’re also both charming, well-animated and designed, and a delight to play for both more casual users, as well as puzzle and simulation fanatics.
They have a lot of nuance and variety in how they are actually played, the goals they emphasize, and the kind of strategies needed to truly make a good city great. Megapolis requires some deliberation, as expanding too quickly without giving thought to proper infrastructure or securing the right resources will make your expansion grind to a half while you sort out the problem. Likewise, appearing on the Megapolis scoreboard requires really running the numbers on what buildings are most profitable in which configurations, and thinking about the opportunity costs of building faster and slower buildings. Village City Island Sim is possibly less demanding, but has such a range of buildings and activities that you always feel need to do just one more thing, unlock a new type, finish a new neighborhood, expand just a little more. Both have a permanent space on my cell phone, and they satisfy similar but different cravings.


Ultimately both games are a lot of fun, well-made, and full of character. There are so many mobile simulation and city building games these days, and honestly I don’t think any have given me as much fun and as much depth as these two. They’re both free, and run on both Android and Apple devices. It’s kind of like choosing between two kinds of ice cream you really like; you could spend all day trying to decide, but why not just get both!

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