Megapolis vs City Island 4

Megapolis vs City Island 4

Fans of builder and city simulation games have been flocking to Megapolis and City Island 4 more than any other titles in recent memory. Social Quantum Ltd’s Megapolis is proving to be one of the developer’s biggest hits yet and a logical advancement for a company that has always focused on providing unique world-building titles. City Island 4 comes to us courtesy of developer Sparkling Society who have been tweaking their City Island franchise since the release of the first City Island game just a couple of years ago. This latest entry attempts to perfect the successful formula that has made the games so beloved.

Megapolis will be instantly familiar to fans of the social-driven city builder genre, as it puts you in control of a small plot of land that you must turn into a thriving city with both available resources and additional items acquired from your friends. One of the ways that Megapolis distinguishes itself from other titles in this genre, however, is by allowing players to complete as many actions as they’d like in a turn. Ambitious construction projects will take longer, but by removing the more traditional timer elements from the experience, Megapolis is sure to appeal more to those who wish to build the city of their dreams.

City Island 4, meanwhile, continues this series’ tradition of giving players an island to call their own in order to see if they can build a bustling city upon it. As mayor of this tropical utopia, you will be responsible for ensuring that your city continues to grow and serve its people. City Island 4 also incorporates some more traditional adventure elements into the experience by allowing players to explore and hunt for buried pirate treasure among other secret rewards hidden about the accessible island formations.

City Island 4 and Megapolis are on completely different ends of the city builder genre of gaming. While both allow you the opportunity to create a bustling city, you’ll find that Megalopolis is more about the creation itself than it is the daily management of your eventual urban empire. Though the game does emphasize players completing certain quests in order to gain more rewards, it’s very free in the way that it really lets you build to your heart’s content with available resources. Best of all, the game includes cross-platform play features, meaning that people on Facebook, iOS and Android can share and play with each other.

City Island 4, on the other hand, is a game that derives much of its value from personality and charm. Though you can certainly build great structures in this game, a much bigger emphasis is placed on making sure your citizens stay happy. This lends the game a much more personable feel, as trying to find what it is that will please your city’s inhabitants becomes something of an adventure that forces you to really explore the game mechanics. It also certainly doesn’t hurt that City Island 4 is one of the most beautiful games of this type on the market, and even manages to outshine previous games with fantastic new weather effects.

Fans of the City Island series will find that everything they love is simply made better in City Island 4, while those that enjoy titles such as Farmville will notice that Megapolis really does a fantastic job of advancing all of the things that make games like that great. If you are more interested in the management side of these games then City Island 4 is probably the way to go, while builder fans will find plenty to love in Megapolis.

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