FarmVille vs City Island 4

Farmville or city island 4.
Farmville is a great virtual farming game created by Zynga. It is filled with amazing graphics while you are doing a number of activities. You can plow,plant seeds,have livestock,decorate and much much more. Farmville is a very popular game that is easily addictive, I would definitely suggest it. Now City Island 4 is made by the Sparkling Society and let me tell you it isn’t lacking. With competitive skills on graphics they also have a number of different activities within the game that can keep you very amused. With City Island 4 you basically are building your own town. You have options to add buildings and change settings as well.
Farmville is super addicting because of all the different aspects. One minute you are plowing your fields and planting seeds of all kinds, the next you are creating pig pins or a different nber of animals. You can head right over to buy beautiful additions to your farm, and they also challenge you with goals and requirements to meet by a specific time. Farmville would be an exceptional choice for any person that wants to get lost in a mobile game and also feel like your in the game itself.
Now City Island 4 I’m not as familiar with because I have actually never played this one but I will be as soon as I’m done writing my article. From other game reviewers I have read that City Island 4 is a very fun filled game that doesn’t lack in design either. City Island 4 seems to have a nice variety of actives in addition to changing from day to night scenes. You can choose different numbers of things to add to your town like resturaunts, businesses etc. Quality decorative items I’ve heard are also in the package to make tour town as fun and creative as you wish.
City Island 4
So if I was comparing Farmville and City Island 4 I wouldn’t pick one over the other only because they both are great games for there category. Although they are very similar in terms of some of the ways you put your farm or town together, they are also very different. For instance Farmville has animals and City Island 4 dosent , but City Island 4 has restaurants and businesses but Farmville doesn’t. They both are great choices for different reasons. They seem very alike in the way of design and everything but they are two different concepts. I think I will enjoy City Island 4 just as much as Farmville, but I probably wouldn’t choose on or the other. Maybe that’s because I am in love with my farm and I could never let it go, or maybe it’s just so fun it couldn’t be replaced. I have heard from fellow gamers that City Island 4 is just as addicting and very hard to let go so we shall see.
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So I have listed my reasons for loving Farmville and others reasons for there love of City Island 4, and with writing this I can admit that I am so excited to try City Island 4. I can not wait because there are amazing reviews and more reviews than not they mention similarities between Farmville and City Island 4. If they are comparing the two so often I know I will not be making a mistake in trying this game. The most exciting aspect of it is probably going to be the comparison but maybe I just might love my city more than my farm in the end.

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