Crossy Slopes & Snowy Roads vs Temple Run

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Overviewing two online application games crossy slopes & snowy roads and Temple Run. Both of these games are available for mobile and online play with compatible devices. Crossy slopes & snowy roads is an endless running game that features quite alot of characters with different abilities who are required to cross the stage with oncoming traffic without getting hit. Temple Run is a running game that is set in a temple setting where you must run from evil monkeys to reach the goal. This game also allows the gamer to unlock new runners as the go through the game levels.
Crossy Slopes & Snowy Roads is a running game that has some humor behind it featuring quite and array of characters such as a vampire, dinosaur, zombie and penguin. As the gamer completes each level of the game they get a new character and new ability but to do so they must cross the busy highway, river or slope without getting hit and dying. This game is played in an aerial view so you the gamer are looking down on the gaming area. The graphics on this game are of those in a block or leggo type game or application.
Temple Run is a treasure quest running game that is featured in a real life like temple setting. The gamer will start at the beginning of the temple and is being chased by evil demon monkeys. As the player runs through the maze like stages they must collect the coins and power ups in order to be able to move up and unlock new runners for the game. This game has a real life view of the runner that puts you right in the game and gives the gamer the real feel along with very life like graphics as well.
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When looking at Crossy Slopes & Snowy Roads and Temple Run together despite them being very different they have a lot of similarities. Both games are running games meaning the point is just to run! These games both also allow the gamer to unlock new runner as they move up through the stages and complete goals. The differences out way in these two though. One of the biggest differences if the graphics of the games themselves. Temple Run was designed to be a real life like game so the player can get the best experience. As for Crossy Slopes & Snowy Roads, however this game does not have any life like graphics and is more of a block or old school feel to it. This is a great game for the gamers who enjoy the older video games. Both of these games offer a score keeping board that allows the player to keep track off their score and compare it with friends to create a competition. Temple Run and Crossy Slopes & Snowy Roads both are on timers as well so make sure you master the skill of the run when downloading these two awesome games.
Crossy Slopes Snowy Roads Mobile game
These are two very neat games. Both of these are offered as a free application for mobile phones and compatible devices. Given the difference in the two games and what gaming experience they offer the player, these two games were designed for hours of mobile gaming fun. Providing fun for all ages Temple Run and Crossy Slopes & Snowy Roads both do well in game reviews. Temple Run has a 4.3 and Crossy Slopes & Snowy Roads at a 3.7 per game ratings from players. Picking between them would be difficult because they both provide a different gaming experience and reach to different audiences.
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