Crossy Slopes & Snowy Roads Vs. Crossy Road

Crossy Slopes & Snowy Roads Vs. Crossy Road
Fans of arcade style hoppers rejoice! Developers Hipster Whale and Pearl Games have some super entertaining options for IOS, Android, and Windows phones! From Hipster Whale, we have Crossy Road. If you were a fan of Frogger, you will love this game. The main objective is to get the chicken to the other side of the road safely. There are a variety of different themes and layouts of levels, which makes each one a new experience. The lesser known Crossy Slopes and Snowy Roads (by Pearl Games) has a similar yet unique hopper style feel. The best feature of this game would have to be the unlock-able characters. This game also offers a wider variety of obstacles to navigate.
Crossy Road & Snowy Slopes
Crossy Road & Snowy Slopes

Crossy Road sets itself apart from the competition when it comes to multiplayer capabilities. With an IOS device, you can play with up to four friends on your apple TV! Increasing the size of the game that much drastically increases the fun factor. The obstacles become larger and more visible, allowing extended gameplay. This is a great way to show your friends who’s boss! Another great aspect of this game is the simplicity. If you only have a couple of minutes to spare, you could easily do a couple of runs in this game.

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Crossy Slopes and Snowy Roads is incredibly addicting. Once you’ve unlocked a new character, you can’t wait to get the next. Characters can be unlocked by collecting stars during gameplay. These stars are used to spin the wheel of fortune, which decides which character you are awarded. There are a lot to choose from, and each character is different from the last thanks too cool powers. The diverse obstacles are a very refreshing sight. There’s a lot of comedic relief involved in getting run down by a jet ski or Mr. Clause. You might find yourself playing over and over again just to see what comes next!When comparing the two games, a lot of similarities can be spotted. The texture of the environments in both games is fun and blocky. They both also operate of the avoidance of obstacles and high scores.

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Similarities aside, one game may suit you better than the other. Crossy Road is great if you want to play with friends at the same time. The option of Wi-Fi based multiplayer is pretty cool, and can come in handy when friends want in. There are different skins available for characters in Crossy Road. These allow you to change the aesthetic of your player for a nice change of pace. Unlike Crossy Slopes and Snowy roads, players do not generally have any powers. This could be a good or bad thing, depending on how you view it. The exploration of different landscapes and characters is a great feature of Crossy Slopes and Snowy Roads. It makes the hours fly by as you play!

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All in all, both of these games are a blast. They each offer a unique experience with a familiar base, which is really fun to play with. If you haven’t played one of them yet, you should definitely check it out. Having both is also a great option. When you get tired of playing one after a while, switch to the other! Lastly, there is one major plus to both of these apps; they’re free to download!


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