SimCity Buildit vs City Island 4

SimCity Buildit v. City Island 4
SimCity Buildit vs. City Island 4
SimCity Buildit spun off from the original SimCity design made for iOS and Android software. Electronic Arts takes responsibility for developing Buildit edition for the SimCity series. Offering three main zones, commercial, residential and industrial, Buildit remains as the most played SimCity edition as there are pre-made buildings to achieve levels and goals. City Island 4 produced by Sparkling Society, offers a part in the City Island series. Commissioning as the best builder in the world, starting with only one island with the chance to grow to several by building, City Island 4 ranks as a popular Android free play download.

SimCity Buildit

The residential zone breaks into three categories of homes, standard, premium, and luxurious. The game begins with only residential standard available and gradually moving into the other home categories when Simoleons are earned. The game consists of the three zones, regular residential, Parisian, and Tokyo Town which may be unlocked after an airport establishes with service to the newly improved city. Over time, the City area expands as goals are reached and challenges are solved by trading created goods with other online and mobile gamers. Watch the city grow that allows services such as, power, education, and entertainment to balance to citizens that move into the town.

City Island 4

Starting out with a small island, reaching goals and earning gold to build an attractive village for citizens to move into and live. City Island allows the capacity to build to several islands to achieve a megalopolis status by solving real life challenges such as, fires, building maintenance, and providing services and jobs to keep the towns people happy. Expansion becomes available by unlocking transportation to the new islands by providing the community with realistic, new buildings and parks. Bigger, taller buildings reveal when other islands unlock by completing stimulating quests to become a megalopolis.


SimCity Buildit and City Island 4 have several similarities in such, building to attain a high ranking status, attracting citizens with extravagant buildings and decorations, and maintaining citizen levels to unlock the next big thing. SimCity holds the currency of Simoleons and sim cash where City Island holds gold and pirate chests, but both attain the same value. Buildit gains the authority of two extra towns totaling three different styles of cities, American, Parisian and Japanese. City Island focuses on obtaining island domination by conforming other islander allies. SimCity thrives to appear as a regular city compared to City Island as a country essence for villages. SimCity works with already placed buildings and in City Island, it is the gamer’s choice on where to strategically place buildings for the best revenue and on how to build them. Both games are free to play on Android, but only SimCity is available on iOS also.


The gamer’s personal preference depends on the type of game to play. Either way, both games give a realistic essence of what it could be like to be an architect. Witty challenges help the gamer to understand finances, goods and services, and real estate investments. The games are rumored to give a sense of need for city life and become an addiction.