Megapolis vs City Island 3

Megapolis vs City Island 3

Megapolis and City Island 3 are two fun, exciting city building games. Both games are available for play on iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Megapolis is also available on Facebook and was created by Social Quantum; a company that creates interactive games that are unique and follow the current gaming trends. City Island 3 was created by Sparkling Society; a company that just started in 2012 and already has over half a million Facebook fans and over 15 million players. Megapolis and City Island 3 are are uniquely different games with a common goal – to create the biggest, most profitable megapolis.

Megapolis is an easy game to start playing. Alice shows you the basics of the game in the tutorial. You start with a small city that you need to expand into a larger city, then eventually a large metropolis. You will need to expand the city land and build houses, business, community buildings and factories. You are given an amazing opportunity to build this city from the ground up by implementing roads and paths parks and more. You will have quests and tasks to perform. You need to fix bridges and perform other fixer-up projects. All the while, you will also need to ensure the citizens of your city are happy.

City Island 3 is also pretty simple to start playing. Instead of just building a city, in this game you are building several cities on separate islands. The brief tutorial gives you the basics, then you are on your own. You will have the opportunity to start from absolute scratch. There are no buildings or roads; well, really there is nothing but a little piece of land surrounded by water. You will build houses, businesses, community buildings and more to create your own city. You will have tasks and quests that you need to complete to help your city grow and keep your citizens happy.

Megapolis and City Island 3 are similar games in that they are both city building games. However, they are also uniquely different. Both games give you the control to build your own city in the way that you want. Both games have many, many tasks to complete in order to advance, earn awesome rewards and make enough cash to fund the construction projects you take on. Megapolis is one large city and takes place on land, in a city setting. City Island 3 takes place on separate islands that you create into multiple cities. Both games allow you to build houses, but different types of housing are available. In Megapolis, you can choose from bungalows, cottages, tall buildings, hotels, apartment buildings, houses with pools, villas and more. In City Island 3, each island is different, so the housing is different. You can choose from huts, beach huts, desert homes, skyscrapers, houses built on lava and so much more. Roads and walkways are needed in any city. In both games, you get to choose where you want to place your roads, paths, even railroads.

If you like city building games and have not tried either of these games, you need to give them both a try. It is so difficult to choose which game to play, I would suggest just playing both. Megapolis and Island City 3 are both so much fun to play. I’m sure you will not be able to stop once you get started. So, put on your creative caps and get started uncovering all there is to see, build and do in Metropolis and City Island 3.

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