Megapolis vs Village City Island Sim 2

Megapolis vs Village City Island Sim 2


Do you dream of running your own city? Erecting houses, planning roads, and creating a bustling center for your simulated citizens? Megapolis and Village City Island Sim are two great “tycoon” city-building mobile games for Android and Apple. Village City Island Sim is the latest from Pearl Games, a relatively new and promising mobile developer, while Megapolis is the brainchild of Social Quantum, who has several successful titles to their name.


In Megapolis, players are tasked with turning a large plot of land into a thriving city, with an emphasis on smart planning, thinking ahead, and changing together mutually beneficial structures. The game oozes a charm which sets it apart from so many others of this genre, with its cheeky elevator music and cute animations of builders and citizens going about their daily tasks. It’s also a game of impressive depth for mobile, and really rewards crunching the numbers, balancing utility needs with proper expansion, and alternating between expanding your town’s industry, residential areas, entertainment districts, and commercial options.


Village City Island Sim casts players as the mayor of a vast open island, with the goal of growing it from an empty expanse to a seaside town, and then to a full-fledged city. The game boasts tons of unique buildings which can be bought, earned through quests, or unlocked socially. Players of Village City Island Sim will have to create an attractive town to get new residents, create housing to keep them around, and then provide them with jobs and resources to keep them happy, healthy, and paying taxes. Balancing these three main jobs is no easy task, but it is certainly a fun one with the game’s cheerful atmosphere and pleasant graphics.


Megapolis and Village City Island Sim are, on the face of it, very similar. They’re both city builders, both have tap elements, both have you starting from nothing to a city of incredible scale, and both combine daily rewards, quests, and social options to always give you something to do. They’re also both charming, well-animated and designed, and a delight to play for both more casual users, as well as puzzle and simulation fanatics.
They have a lot of nuance and variety in how they are actually played, the goals they emphasize, and the kind of strategies needed to truly make a good city great. Megapolis requires some deliberation, as expanding too quickly without giving thought to proper infrastructure or securing the right resources will make your expansion grind to a half while you sort out the problem. Likewise, appearing on the Megapolis scoreboard requires really running the numbers on what buildings are most profitable in which configurations, and thinking about the opportunity costs of building faster and slower buildings. Village City Island Sim is possibly less demanding, but has such a range of buildings and activities that you always feel need to do just one more thing, unlock a new type, finish a new neighborhood, expand just a little more. Both have a permanent space on my cell phone, and they satisfy similar but different cravings.


Ultimately both games are a lot of fun, well-made, and full of character. There are so many mobile simulation and city building games these days, and honestly I don’t think any have given me as much fun and as much depth as these two. They’re both free, and run on both Android and Apple devices. It’s kind of like choosing between two kinds of ice cream you really like; you could spend all day trying to decide, but why not just get both!

Megapolis vs Village City Island Sim

Megapolis vs Village City Island Sim

If two games are similar, one will often cover aspects that the other does not. Megapolis is a game developed by Social Quantum, Ltd. Allowing users to build major civilizations and to manage the finances affiliated with each aspect of a society, this three-dimensional game is for the ruler at heart. Village City Island Sim, on the other hand, is a game for the family person who loves a strong sense of community. Developed by Pearl Games, this simulated experience allows you to build a dream community for all of your citizens. Both of these games are mobile friendly, and both game developers have millions of users each.


Supported in over twenty countries, this strategic game has over ten million downloads. This city builder requires its users to keep track of their finances as they build railways, airports, seaports, power plants, and expand their city’s capabilities by mining for oil and gas. Combining vintage and modern aspects, this game has endless possibilities in expanding a city across seas and unclaimed land. Depicting well-known architecture from the past and present, Social Quantum undoubtedly used their title of being a top industry influence to create an addictive game. Nearly one thousand buildings and materials, this game forces you to work with neighbors in order to build an empire.

Village City Island Sim

By building houses for your citizens, you are able to feel fulfilled in aspects of joy and affluence. Using simulated cash and gold currencies, this game by Pearl Games allows you to be a dream Mayor. Enticing citizens with recreational activities such as parks and beaches, you must also manage and expand important city buildings. Quality graphics ensure that you are put right in the middle of your little town. You and over one million users embark on a journey that allows you to gain XP as you expand your city to an island paradise. Moving your citizens there allows you to have the best of both worlds. Equipped with a city advisor who tells you what your city is lacking, this game makes sure that you cannot cut any corners.


Both games bring something to the table that the other does not. Whereas Megapolis covers the technical aspects of building your own city, the other covers the aspects of pleasing your citizens. Both developers ensure quality graphics and the ability to be played on a multitude of devices. Compatible with both Android and iPhone devices, both of these games are rated at least four stars. Though Megapolis offers more recognizable features, Village City Island Sim offers more relatable aspects. Each game offers strengths and weaknesses, and picks up the slack that the other lacks. Both of them are unique in their own ways, ultimately leaving the decision to choose between them impossible.

Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort vs Village City Island Sim

Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort vs Village City Island Sim
Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort and Village City Island Sim are two games that are blowing up in the app store right now. Both of these games are available to be played on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or any other mobile device you may have. Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort was created by a company known as G5 Entertainment AB. G5 Entertainment AB has also created many other strategy and adventure games. Village City Island Sim was established by Sparkling Society, a company that manufactures many other virtual reality games for several mobile devices associated with Apple and Android.
Village city Island Sim     Village city Island Sim
Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort can be described as a game that is based on virtual realities. It allows you to build a city in one of four locations: Alaska, Florida, Utah, or Nevada. There are several different building types to choose from. As you continue to play, you can unlock even more buildings and other things to add to your city. After you finish building your city, you are able to live as a civilian in the city that you have created. You are then prompted to complete various activities and challenges, which will earn you points to unlock the extra things you can add to your city. Thus far, this game has received a four and a half star rating in the iTunes App Store.
Village City island Sim
Village City Island Sim is another virtual reality game that allows for you to make your own city and live in it. In this game, you build you city just like you want it and then you work to attract people to your city’s public venues. For example, one of the places that the iTunes Apple Store mentions is attracting as many citizens as you can to your city’s local park. As you acquire more points by completing various tasks, you can upgrade your city’s buildings, parks, or any other venue of your choice. Village City Island Sim has been rated by many players from around the world. So far, it has been given four and a half stars.
Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort and Village City Island Sim are both very similar in many ways. One of the more obvious similarities is that they are both virtual reality based games. They also both let you build a city in various locations and upgrade your city as the game progresses and as you gain more points from doing different things. Things that can earn you points in both games is slightly different.
Virtul city 2: paradise resort
In Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort, you must complete different tasks while you are living as a citizen in the city that you have created. In Village City Island Sim, however, you must work to attract people to your city and its local venues in order to score points. Another aspect of the game that is different from Virtual City 2 is that you do not play as a citizen and live in your city. It is almost like you are a supernatural being who creates and upgrades the different venues in your city. Something that I personally noted as a difference was that it seems as if you have more to do in Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort. You are able to live in the city that you created in addition to just building it and calling all of the shots.
Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort and Village City Island Sim are two games that are highly similar, yet very different at the same time. Players from all around the world have voted saying that these games are among the best.
 Virtual city 2 paradise resort

Megapolis vs City Island 3

Megapolis vs City Island 3

Megapolis and City Island 3 are two fun, exciting city building games. Both games are available for play on iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Megapolis is also available on Facebook and was created by Social Quantum; a company that creates interactive games that are unique and follow the current gaming trends. City Island 3 was created by Sparkling Society; a company that just started in 2012 and already has over half a million Facebook fans and over 15 million players. Megapolis and City Island 3 are are uniquely different games with a common goal – to create the biggest, most profitable megapolis.

Megapolis is an easy game to start playing. Alice shows you the basics of the game in the tutorial. You start with a small city that you need to expand into a larger city, then eventually a large metropolis. You will need to expand the city land and build houses, business, community buildings and factories. You are given an amazing opportunity to build this city from the ground up by implementing roads and paths parks and more. You will have quests and tasks to perform. You need to fix bridges and perform other fixer-up projects. All the while, you will also need to ensure the citizens of your city are happy.

City Island 3 is also pretty simple to start playing. Instead of just building a city, in this game you are building several cities on separate islands. The brief tutorial gives you the basics, then you are on your own. You will have the opportunity to start from absolute scratch. There are no buildings or roads; well, really there is nothing but a little piece of land surrounded by water. You will build houses, businesses, community buildings and more to create your own city. You will have tasks and quests that you need to complete to help your city grow and keep your citizens happy.

Megapolis and City Island 3 are similar games in that they are both city building games. However, they are also uniquely different. Both games give you the control to build your own city in the way that you want. Both games have many, many tasks to complete in order to advance, earn awesome rewards and make enough cash to fund the construction projects you take on. Megapolis is one large city and takes place on land, in a city setting. City Island 3 takes place on separate islands that you create into multiple cities. Both games allow you to build houses, but different types of housing are available. In Megapolis, you can choose from bungalows, cottages, tall buildings, hotels, apartment buildings, houses with pools, villas and more. In City Island 3, each island is different, so the housing is different. You can choose from huts, beach huts, desert homes, skyscrapers, houses built on lava and so much more. Roads and walkways are needed in any city. In both games, you get to choose where you want to place your roads, paths, even railroads.

If you like city building games and have not tried either of these games, you need to give them both a try. It is so difficult to choose which game to play, I would suggest just playing both. Megapolis and Island City 3 are both so much fun to play. I’m sure you will not be able to stop once you get started. So, put on your creative caps and get started uncovering all there is to see, build and do in Metropolis and City Island 3.

Megapolis vs City Island 4

Megapolis vs City Island 4

Fans of builder and city simulation games have been flocking to Megapolis and City Island 4 more than any other titles in recent memory. Social Quantum Ltd’s Megapolis is proving to be one of the developer’s biggest hits yet and a logical advancement for a company that has always focused on providing unique world-building titles. City Island 4 comes to us courtesy of developer Sparkling Society who have been tweaking their City Island franchise since the release of the first City Island game just a couple of years ago. This latest entry attempts to perfect the successful formula that has made the games so beloved.

Megapolis will be instantly familiar to fans of the social-driven city builder genre, as it puts you in control of a small plot of land that you must turn into a thriving city with both available resources and additional items acquired from your friends. One of the ways that Megapolis distinguishes itself from other titles in this genre, however, is by allowing players to complete as many actions as they’d like in a turn. Ambitious construction projects will take longer, but by removing the more traditional timer elements from the experience, Megapolis is sure to appeal more to those who wish to build the city of their dreams.

City Island 4, meanwhile, continues this series’ tradition of giving players an island to call their own in order to see if they can build a bustling city upon it. As mayor of this tropical utopia, you will be responsible for ensuring that your city continues to grow and serve its people. City Island 4 also incorporates some more traditional adventure elements into the experience by allowing players to explore and hunt for buried pirate treasure among other secret rewards hidden about the accessible island formations.

City Island 4 and Megapolis are on completely different ends of the city builder genre of gaming. While both allow you the opportunity to create a bustling city, you’ll find that Megalopolis is more about the creation itself than it is the daily management of your eventual urban empire. Though the game does emphasize players completing certain quests in order to gain more rewards, it’s very free in the way that it really lets you build to your heart’s content with available resources. Best of all, the game includes cross-platform play features, meaning that people on Facebook, iOS and Android can share and play with each other.

City Island 4, on the other hand, is a game that derives much of its value from personality and charm. Though you can certainly build great structures in this game, a much bigger emphasis is placed on making sure your citizens stay happy. This lends the game a much more personable feel, as trying to find what it is that will please your city’s inhabitants becomes something of an adventure that forces you to really explore the game mechanics. It also certainly doesn’t hurt that City Island 4 is one of the most beautiful games of this type on the market, and even manages to outshine previous games with fantastic new weather effects.

Fans of the City Island series will find that everything they love is simply made better in City Island 4, while those that enjoy titles such as Farmville will notice that Megapolis really does a fantastic job of advancing all of the things that make games like that great. If you are more interested in the management side of these games then City Island 4 is probably the way to go, while builder fans will find plenty to love in Megapolis.

Village City Island Sim 2 vs SimCity Buildit

Simulation Games To Try

In a society, where gaming and apps are all the rage, simulation and building games have created a huge and loyal fan base. With the creativity factor alone, they prove to be some of the most addicting and exciting games that you can put on your tablet or smartphone. This entertaining game genre has many apps to offer you but two particular ones that are winning the hearts of gamers everywhere are Sim City BuildIt and Village City-Island Sim. They are both revolved around designing the perfect and most successful city possible, but they also carry unique differences that will help you to decide which game is better for you.

The name ” Sim” has been around for over twenty five years. Whether you’ve played The Sims, or you were playing Sim Town and Sim Farm back in the 90’s, EA has made vast improvements in these games. Its original creator, Maxis was so incredibly popular as well, and they introduce the “Sim” name we all know and love. This particular variety of Sim City allows you to create your city, balance the needs of your beloved sims and trade goods on a global market. This take on the game is much more realistic and challenging, but one feature they decided to bring back from its originals was the ability to unleash natural disasters. Talk about challenging your city!

In Village City-Island Sim, the objective is the same: create a successful city with happy citizens. However, the setting is much different as it is seafront. You are to design your city on the ocean, where it allows you to use tropical structures such as beach huts. This fun take on the game is exciting to the players because its not your average city. Besides, who wouldn’t want to be in charge of a beautiful paradise? In this game, you’ve got two forms of currency: cash and gold, so handle your entrepreneurial transactions wisely. You have the power to create jobs for your citizens but, remember, the happier they are, the more new citizens you will attract in your community.

The most obvious difference between these two simulation games is that one is seafront, and the other is just your basic city. The currency difference is one notable as well, and the ability to create jobs is only featured in Village City-Island Sim. Both rely on the happiness of their citizens for success, and their are endless challenges regarding business, and your people. The trading factor will only be seen in Sim City BuildIt which is a very realistic feature.

The great thing about building and simulation games is the creativity involved. You are the designer, the person in charge, the entrepreneur, and the only hope for your community. Sometimes these games will consume much of your time, because the challenges are endless and you want to see success as soon as possible. Both of these games hold unique factors which might entice you to play. Village City-Island Sim has a fun spin on it where you can create a paradise for the people and work hard to keep them happy and keep your community growing. Sim City BuildIt brings back a little nostalgia from the older games, while adding realistic traits and new challenges to face.

Village City Island Sim vs SimCity Buildit

Village City Island Sim vs SimCity BuildIt

After years of Sims series PC games, EA now offers SimCity BuildIt exclusively for mobile devices. If you loved playing Sims for PC, this new mobile version of SimCity lets you bring your Sim world with you. EA also offers other titles such as Plants vs. Zombies 2 and Bejeweled Blitz. Both games are available on Android and Apple app stores. Pearl Games also offers another Android title on Google Play, an arcade game called Crossy Slopes and Snowy Roads.

The premise of Village City Island Sim is building and developing a community for your tiny residents. It’s a free game with ongoing challenges and adventures, with the opportunity to earn rewards for completing goals. A “City Advisor” offers tips on how to grow your island city, or you can just explore the beach and look for pirate treasure. With over 100 building options including residential buildings and beaches there are a ton of ways to customize your very own island getaway. Of course, keeping the residents happy is the main goal of the game. Maintaining a successful city requires some multitasking and keeping track of resources and residents.

SimCity BuildIt is also a free game and the concept is similar to the original SimCity PC games. As the mayor of SimCity it’s your job to build and manage each structure in the game. The mayor must collect taxes, deliver building materials, and expand the city. Situations like traffic and environmental concerns present realistic problems to be solved. Trade resources with other cities and friends, or compete against other players online and vie for ranking in the Megalopolis Elite League. The bigger your city grows, the harder and smarter you work as mayor to solve the problems that crop up.

Both Village City Island Sim and SimCity BuildIt have the ability to keep playing offline, a huge perk for players who like to game outside data restrictions or internet access. SimCity BuildIt has an involved building process requiring the mayor to be present for deliveries. This makes the game more intricate because multiple materials have to be accepted or made in order to continue building. In the event that the stores of a product are low, the mayor has to step in and find the needed materials or make them. This makes the game more realistic because of the timeline of the building process and its material needs.
In Village City Island Sim less interaction doesn’t mean progress stops, just that development of the city won’t continue as quickly as more involved gaming. Village City Island Sim also allows for more free play than SimCity BuildIt, in the form of treasure seeking adventures and just checking out the beach. In both games, the bigger the city, the more involved you become in maintaining resident happiness through creating jobs and managing resources. Village City Island Sim offers friend codes and gift codes, while SimCity BuildIt offers resource trading with your friends or online neighbors.

Both Village City Island Sim and SimCity BuildIt offer dynamic gaming experiences conveniently on your smartphone or tablet. Both are intuitive and involved with almost limitless possibilities, because your decisions influence the direction of play. Once you get started, you can easily spend hours designing, building, and maintaining your growing city. Rewards come from keeping existing residents happy and attracting new ones. Simulation games have recently exploded in popularity for both Android and Apple devices. Village City Island Sim and SimCity BuildIt are convenient free options that serve to introduce mobile gamers to the world of virtual city creation and development.

SimCity Buildit vs City Island 2

Popular Building Games

You may have heard of two popular game apps for smartphones and tablets called Sim City BuildIt and City Island 2. Sim City BuildIt was created by EA, which is a popular brand of various “Sim” games. City Island 2 who’s developer, Sparkling Society, has also found success with their apps that feature building and running cities. These two apps have definite similarities but also have differences that will define which one you would most enjoy.

EA’s Sim games have a large fan base- they have been coming out with different varieties of simulation games for many years now. This particular variety allows you to build your city, balance services and the needs of your customers and trade goods on the global market. This realistic game will have you learning about what it really takes to run a city, while enjoying the creativity aspect. Unleash natural disasters to challenge your city, or complete challenges to better your city. Your options for growth are endless, and keeping the citizens happy will prove to be one of your favorite accomplishments in this exciting game.

On the other hand, you have City Island 2, which is also a type of building/tycoon game. In this game, which is the second of its kind, it allows you to build a city on the seafront, which is one major difference from other city based games. You can combine your typical building structures with palm trees and beach huts. Not to mention, your currencies include cash AND gold. Collect your cash from businesses and workers periodically to keep improving your city on the island. This exciting game will have you loving the uniqueness of it.

While both of these games are based on creating and running a successful city, there are obvious differences in the two. City Island 2 features a more tropical theme while Sim City BuildIt is a bit more classic. Sim City Buildit allows you to balance services and trade products to keep your city thriving, while City Island 2 is based off of cash and gold transactions, endless challenges and continuously building new structures.

These two games are both creative and require attention and strategy to create a successful city. Though time consuming, these app based games will have you addicted to catering to your citizens to create the perfect living environment. City Island 2 brings that tropical beach factor, which is new and exciting. Sim City BuildIt brings back the Sim City feel from the 90’s that we all grew up loving, but with added challenges and features. No matter which game you decide to play, if you are a tycoon lover, these games are perfect for you to try out.

SimCity Buildit vs City Island 3

Building Game Apps All The Rage

In today’s society, technology is, for sure, at its finest. Whether it’s on your smartphone or your tablet, game apps are highly popular and desired by people worldwide. Two well known games you may have seen or heard of are Sim City BuildIt and City Island 2. Building and tycoon games have been around for many years and have always carried a large fan base. With these two games, they are alike in many ways, but different in others, making each one unique in their own way.

Sim games have been around for a long time now- popular for the original Sim City, Sim Town, The Sims and many more, their recent creator, EA, has made a loyal group of fans. In this particular variety, Sim City BuildIt allows you to create your city, while balancing the needs of your citizens and letting you trade goods on a global market. This realistic take on the game is a great challenge for game players, but also allowing the creativity of designing your city. Keeping your citizens happy is the key in this game. One old game idea that returned was the natural disasters- you can cause natural disasters in your city, which is something featured in many of the Sim games.

City Island 2, is exactly as described. The second of its kind, you can create a city off the coast of the ocean. This tropical game allows you to mix regular building structures with beach huts and palm trees. Their are two different currencies- gold and cash. Collect money from your businesses and drivers to keep you city going. The challenges are endless and the object of the game is to keep building up your city. This app is so much fun and you will love the unique beach factor it brings to the game.

Both of these popular games are based on creating the perfect city and watching it succeed financially. City Island 2 clearly offer a more tropical theme while Sim City BuildIt keeps it classic like its preceding versions. City Island 2 seems to be more based on keeping the currency flowing and construction nonstop while Sim City BuildIt seems to require more governed transactions such as trading and balancing services for its citizens.

These games both have much to offer to their players. They both require a lot of attnerion, strategizing and experimenting to figure out the best way to create a successful city. These apps are highly addictive and you will want to cater to your citizens and the cities as much as you possibly can. While Sim City BuildIt brings back nostalgia that old Sim Cify feel from many years ago, City Island 2 offers a unique twist sure to attract a new fan base. Whichever one you might play, these are both excellent, creative games.

SimCity Buildit vs City Island 4

SimCity Buildit v. City Island 4
SimCity Buildit vs. City Island 4
SimCity Buildit spun off from the original SimCity design made for iOS and Android software. Electronic Arts takes responsibility for developing Buildit edition for the SimCity series. Offering three main zones, commercial, residential and industrial, Buildit remains as the most played SimCity edition as there are pre-made buildings to achieve levels and goals. City Island 4 produced by Sparkling Society, offers a part in the City Island series. Commissioning as the best builder in the world, starting with only one island with the chance to grow to several by building, City Island 4 ranks as a popular Android free play download.

SimCity Buildit

The residential zone breaks into three categories of homes, standard, premium, and luxurious. The game begins with only residential standard available and gradually moving into the other home categories when Simoleons are earned. The game consists of the three zones, regular residential, Parisian, and Tokyo Town which may be unlocked after an airport establishes with service to the newly improved city. Over time, the City area expands as goals are reached and challenges are solved by trading created goods with other online and mobile gamers. Watch the city grow that allows services such as, power, education, and entertainment to balance to citizens that move into the town.

City Island 4

Starting out with a small island, reaching goals and earning gold to build an attractive village for citizens to move into and live. City Island allows the capacity to build to several islands to achieve a megalopolis status by solving real life challenges such as, fires, building maintenance, and providing services and jobs to keep the towns people happy. Expansion becomes available by unlocking transportation to the new islands by providing the community with realistic, new buildings and parks. Bigger, taller buildings reveal when other islands unlock by completing stimulating quests to become a megalopolis.


SimCity Buildit and City Island 4 have several similarities in such, building to attain a high ranking status, attracting citizens with extravagant buildings and decorations, and maintaining citizen levels to unlock the next big thing. SimCity holds the currency of Simoleons and sim cash where City Island holds gold and pirate chests, but both attain the same value. Buildit gains the authority of two extra towns totaling three different styles of cities, American, Parisian and Japanese. City Island focuses on obtaining island domination by conforming other islander allies. SimCity thrives to appear as a regular city compared to City Island as a country essence for villages. SimCity works with already placed buildings and in City Island, it is the gamer’s choice on where to strategically place buildings for the best revenue and on how to build them. Both games are free to play on Android, but only SimCity is available on iOS also.


The gamer’s personal preference depends on the type of game to play. Either way, both games give a realistic essence of what it could be like to be an architect. Witty challenges help the gamer to understand finances, goods and services, and real estate investments. The games are rumored to give a sense of need for city life and become an addiction.