Paradise Island 2 vs Village City Island Sim 2

Paradise Island 2 and Village City Island Sim 2 are both free games that are offered on the mobile application store. Paradise Island 2 is a virtual building came created by Game Insight. This developer has a long list of games all of different genres’ to choose from. Village City Island Sim 2 is also a virtual building game made by Sparkling Society. This developer has quite a list of games as well but they focus on building games set in different areas of the world. They also offer sequel’s to some of the game like Village City Island Sim 2.
paradise island 2
Paradise Island 2 is a building game that allows the gamer to be the mayor of an island city that they build. This game is designed to let the player build and place beach type businesses and fun beach home for the people whom are attracted to move into the town as the player gains experience and money. This game features mini games that let the player earn extra money that is needed to continue the quests. Plyers are able to play along with friends on this game and is joined by social media when signed into the site.
Village City Island Sim 2 is a building game that allows the gamer to build and create homes and real like businesses to earn money and gain experience and money from happy villagers. This game gives the player the chance to have the full experience of managing a life like town and its layout by creating jobs and transportation for the village. Village City Island Sim 2 offers mini games for the gamer to play and earn extra money in order to build and get experience to continue to build and add on upgrades to the city and its villagers.
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Village City Island Sim 2
When looking at Paradise Island 2 and Village City Island Sim 2 together these are both building games but are very different. Both offer the gamer the ability to design and manage a town giving the player the freedom to choose the layout on how the town or village will look. Theses games are both free but offer in application purchases. In order to progress in either of these games you must earn money and experience to expand. Both Paradise Island 2 and Village City Island Sim 2 offer mini games that are geared to he theme of the individual game as well. A few of the differences however are the locations of the games. Paradise Island 2 has an island setting where Village City Island Sim 2 is designed to be have a village feel to it an can be expanded to more of a real city fill. Paradise Island 2 offers a nifty feature that allows you to sync up with friends and help each other out by connecting via several social media outlets. A cool feature in Village City Island Sim 2 is that the player will receive feedback from the villagers on how well her or she is doing on keeping up and running the town.
After close look and comparison of Paradise Island 2 and Village City Island Sim 2 its easy to say both are awesome building games that offer the player a lot of freedoms and choices when looking for and choosing an online application game. Both of these free games do well in the game player reviews. Paradise Island 2 coming in at a 4.3 and Village City Island Sim 2 has a 4.1 as a rating. It is safe to say that either game would provide and game player with hours of city building fun.

Paradise Island 2 vs Village City Island Sim

Paradise Island 2 or Village City Island Sim?
Paradise Island 2 and Village City Island Sim are mobile app games in the highly successful simulation game arena. Developed by Game Insight and Pearl Games respectively, both give users a fresh approach to mobile gaming. With simulation gaming at an all time high both of these games give users an outlet to create. From in game adventures to earning in game currency there’s something for every kind of player.
Village city Island SimParadise Island 2 allows users to play out their grandiose tycoon dreams. The user begins with their sights on restoring a former resort to the glory of yesteryear. With more than 300 different styles of buildings to choose from, this game will give you something new for months. Among the features are grand feats which allow the player to restore ancient temples. Paradise Island 2 also includes bonus mini games, allowing players a way to stay involved while, waiting for the clock to expire. This is an awesome follow-up to a game already loved and played by millions.Village City Island SIM  has the noted distinction of being the number 1 free play game in the simulation market. It stands out with top notch graphics with well over 100 unique buildings to choose from. This game allows the user to go on adventures on the high seas finding pirate chests filled with gold and cash to aid in construction. With the ability to add tiny features such as trees, parks & Ferris wheels citizens will be flocking to this island retreat. The tiny quirks in this game put it at the top of the leaderboard.Village city Island Sim
The difference between these two games is quite noticeable. Paradise Island 2 edges out it’s competition in the uniqueness column by the sheer number of building variations. It also provides numerous in game activates not found in Village City. However, Village City provides greater world access to it’s content by making the app available in 18 languages. More languages translates to more people, more neighbors, and more opportunity to build. Another factor separating the two is in app purchases. Village City allows the player to find cash and gold to reduce the time wall all fans of simulated games have come to dread. Paradise Island does win in the grand quests challenge as a feat of strength. It also allows gamers to participate in daily competions to see who was the best land owner of the day. The best feature in Paradise, is the ability to play in offline mode. Offline mode is greatly appreciated by air travelers, and those where Wi-Fi is inaccessible.

Village city Island Sim

Casual gamers, and hardcore alike can’t go wrong with either of these games. Both games are set on beaches, and have the ability to play with friends. Each simulation allows you to unlock your creative potential by building the island of your dreams. A great island soundtrack follows you whether you’re building temples or chasing pirate loot. Personal preference is all that will separate these two in the long run as they are equally worth the play.

Township vs. City Island 3

Township vs. City Island 3
Without a doubt, two of the hottest city building games available on mobile right now are Township and City Island 3. Township comes to us courtesy of developer Playrix, who masterly use their expertise in crafting colorfully charming builder games to infuse this title all about building the perfect little town with a hefty dose of character. Meanwhile, City Island 3 is developer Sparkling Society’s latest entry into a city building franchise that is as renown for its depth of play as it is for its addictiveness. Which of these titans of the genre is best for you? Let’s find out.

Much like Farmville before it, Township takes a rather quaint approach to this genre by asking players to manage a small town and turn it into a rural utopia. Here, though, there is a far greater importance placed on aspects like your town’s economy and trade. While you start off with a fairly well-established town that is capable of generating great resources on its own, the true path to success in Township comes through trading with other players. Only by linking your game to other are you able to acquire the most valuable resources and create the best town possible.

City Island 3

City Island 3
City Island 3offers players the chance to turn a tropical paradise into a thriving city. Unlike other games in the series, however, this one gives you control of an entire archipelago and allows you to turn each island into a thriving hub. This alone grants the game far more content than any other in the franchise, but developer Sparkling Society didn’t stop there as they also loaded City Island 3 with more building options and in-game items than all but the biggest games in this genre could ever hope to possible match. The sheer amount of content in this game does make it feel like anything is possible to build.
City Island 3
ComparisonThe biggest difference between Township and City Island 3, besides their choice in locations, is what they emphasize. Township is built more around the idea of building a thriving economy as opposed to a giant city. This emphasis on trade not only helps to distinguish the game from all others of this type but also adds an extra social element to the experience as you must interact with fellow players more in order to acquire the necessary resources. It’s also quite clever in the way it encourages exploration of the in-game mechanics by rewarding players who realize things like the value of baking bread over just selling off the wheat.

On the other hand, City Island 3 is based more around the idea of building an actual city as we’ve seen in games like SimCity. In that regard, it is one of the best mobile titles available. While you won’t find an economy system nearly as robust as the one in Township, City Island 3 makes up for this in the way it makes you feel like you are really building an island empire that stretches across multiple settlements. The creative buildings and vibrant graphics of this game really do lead to an experience where the player is able to create something truly unique.
Download balk cig3

The City Island 3 may just be the best of its kind, but there is nothing else out there quite like Township. It’s a game that’s more focused on running a town from the ground level than it is from managing it from above and, because of that, ends up feeling like a more intimate experience. However, it is certainly worth noting that both of these games are unique and skilled enough in what they are trying to accomplish to merit a recommendation to anyone that feels they are a fan of their particular styles.

Paradise Island 2 vs City Island 3

island vs city
Paradise Island 2 as well as City Island 3 are city building games that allow the gamer to build and maintain a city type environment all in one free mobile application all at his or her fingertips. Paradise Island 2 was developed by Game Insight, a gaming developer that has a very long list of interactive online mobile application games that are all different genre’s. City Island 3 was developed by Sparkling Society, a game developer whom has a big list of games that are all building formatted and offer second and third editions to some of the free mobile games offered by them.
Paradise Island 2 is an interactive building game that lets the gamer to build and design a city on a deserted island. s the gamer earns experience and money from continuing to complete tasks they are able to expand and add onto the town and encourages townspeople to want to move to the town. In this game the player is the Mayer and gets to oversee the town as such. The gamer gets to play mini games to help them earn money and extra experience to help them along as they go on with new quests and building new areas to the town.
City Island 3
City Island 3 is an interactive building game that allows the gamer to create an exotic based town and have control of the layout and what goes where. This game offers mini games for the gamer to play and earn money to help toward expansion of the city. You also earn experience as well that helps you move forward and level up by the quests you complete. The bigger the city becomes the more people you will have move into the village as well. This game offers a real life type feel to the gamer in relation to his or her city.
City Island 3
When putting Paradise Island 2 and City Island 3 together in comparison these game are very similar. Both games are buildable games that let the gamer build and have control of the city that he or she created. These games are free application games offered for mobile and compatible devices but also offer in application purchases to upgrade your town. Each of these two games run on the same layout that requires the player to collect money and experience in order to be able to move forward and upgrade certain things in the game and both offer short games set into the game that the player plays and ears both money and experience to help them out. A few difference in the games are first off the location of the game. One is set on an island where the other is a city type setting. Paradise Island 2 offers you to play with other players by logging in through social media outlets and help your friends with their island as well. City Island 3 offers you the player to be able to expand your city to several different islands as you continue moving through the game.
After reviewing Paradise Island 2 compared to City Island 3 its clear these are both great free mobile applications, they are fun for all ages and will provide hours of town building fun. Both games have rated well in the gamer reviews. Paradise Island 2 rating a 4.3 and City Island 3 at 4.3 as well. It is always difficult when choosing a new mobile application game to play and when looking at these two side by side it makes for yet another hard decision. Regardless of the choice you are guaranteed free fun with either one you choose.
City Island 3

Crossy Slopes & Snowy Roads vs Flappy Bird

Crossy Slopes & Snowy Roads vs Flappy Bird
If you’re looking for a reflex-based, addictive new mobile experience, then you’ve no doubt been eyeing Pearl Game’s Crossy Slopes & Snowy Roads as well as developer Dong Nguyen’s classic mobile title Flappy Bird. Both of these games have become big hits among their respective fan bases, and both emphasize a style of play that ensures that only those with the best reflexes will be able to navigate their challenging levels. Though Crossy Slopes has not yet become the sales sensation that Flappy Bird has, its passionate fanbase cannot stop spreading the word about this addictive arcade title and its clever gameplay.
Crossy Road & Snowy Slopes
Crossy Road & Snowy Slopes


Crossy Slopes & Snowy Roads is a relatively simple title that will be instantly familiar to anyone who has played the arcade hit Frogger. Much like that game, the main objective here is to cross a hazard-filled road with your character. Unlike that game, the road is infinite meaning that the real objective is to see how long you are able to survive. Crossy Slopes & Snowy Roads also manages to distinguish itself from any other similar titles through its wild personality. In-game characters range from penguins to zombies, each of which have their own abilities.
Crossy slopes

Flappy Bird, however, is a game quite unlike any that has come before. The basic gameplay concept of moving your bird in-between pipe obstacles sounds relatively simple at first, but you’ll soon find that nothing comes easy in this addictive 2D side-scroller. Because tapping on the screen to move your bird generates quite a bit of momentum, actually managing to squeeze it between obstacles requires absolutely perfect timing and touch management. This is a game that is all about finding a rhythm and Flappy Bird does a tremendous job of throwing the player into the kind of zen-like state needed to help them achieve victory.
flappy bird
Each game’s “dodge the obstacles” style of action seems similar at first, but there are a number of notable differences that help each of them feel unique. Crossy Slopes & Snowy Roads is a game that focuses more on its personality than it necessarily does on its gameplay. While working your way through cars and other themed obstacles is certainly an enjoyable challenge, what really puts the experience over the top is the way that it makes you smile when you play it. Though things may get tough, the game’s charm and casual humor keep things light at all times.On the other hand, Flappy Bird is a game that derives much of its appeal solely from the gameplay. That’s not to say it isn’t charming in its own way, but the way in which the game really forces players to get in a groove by taking the physics of their movements into account means that Flappy Bird finds that elusive “easy to learn, tough to master” style of game design. The game is just as accessible as Crossy Slopes is at first, but you’ll soon find that the biggest difference is the way that Flappy Bird makes you really work at getting better and better as you play.Ultimately, it’s hard to not fall in love with what both games manage to do well. Flappy Bird’s perfect level of challenge makes you feel accomplished for having bested it while the personality of Crossy Slopes & Snowy Roads makes it easy to latch onto well before the casually rewarding gameplay takes ahold of you. Perhaps those looking to put their reflexes to the ultimate test will gravitate a bit more towards Flappy Bird, but there is no reason that fans of fast-paced games shouldn’t download both of these great titles.

Paradise Island 2 vs City Island 4

city vs sand
Looking at the games Paradise Island 2 and City Island 4 we are dealing with two very different yet like games for your mobile phone or laptop. Paradise Island 2 was designed by Game Insight. This company offers and array of games and game types that differ in layout and design. City Island 2 was designed by Sparkling Society. That particular game developer offers a large selection of games but they are all of the same layout and type. This designer focuses mostly on city building format that allows the game to build city life in different areas of the world.
Paradise island 2City Island 4
Paradise Island 2 is and island based game using a deserted island as the start. The gamer gets to be the mayor and gets to build the town and gather people who want to move to the town as it expands. This game offers fun and interactive was for the gamer to earn money and experience to be able to upgrade things on the island and allow more people to move in. The game features fun beach or island type activities and homes that get to be built and added the gamers ultimate getaway and you the Mayor get to oversee.
City Island 4 is a game that starts as an open area near a city beach. This game has an upscale feel allowing the gamer to build and design his or hers own lavish city. The gamer is in control of the layout and design with the ability to choose for single story buildings as well as sky scrapers as the game progresses. This particular game is day and night simulated so the gamer gets a real feel for the town on a more real level. Time simulation on this game allows for a more trying and real experience.
When putting Paradise Island 2 and City Island 4 in prospective to each other, although very different games they still have a lot of similarities once put side by side. Both of these games are a self design layout. This means that the gamer gets to choose where the buildings, homes and so one are put and this give the gamer the freedom to create and design his or her own unique town or island. These games both use and experience upgrade type system although both offer in application purchases to upgrade. When choosing to use the free versions you must work in the city or town to earn experience and money in order to move on or expand. Both games offer small mini games for the gamer to play in order to earn extra money. Differences exist besides the obvious with these to games as well. City Island 4 running on real time makes things a bit more real for the gamer seeing that the stores and businesses close at night. Paradise Island 2 offers you a more personal gaming experience with you being the Mayor of the town is giving the gamer more responsibility in the game.
Choosing a game to play is always tuff and looking at these two games makes it no easier. Both very awesome games offering such different gaming experiences. The layout and format of these games are alike yet different in so many ways as they offer the gamer a very hands on approach to a Mobil game in allowing them to build, design and create an exotic getaway or a lavish life luxury type city all at ones finger tips. The choice is hard but both games have awesome user ratings with both of them at a 4.3 in the user reviews.

Crossy Slopes & Snowy Roads vs Temple Run

run run run
Overviewing two online application games crossy slopes & snowy roads and Temple Run. Both of these games are available for mobile and online play with compatible devices. Crossy slopes & snowy roads is an endless running game that features quite alot of characters with different abilities who are required to cross the stage with oncoming traffic without getting hit. Temple Run is a running game that is set in a temple setting where you must run from evil monkeys to reach the goal. This game also allows the gamer to unlock new runners as the go through the game levels.
Crossy Slopes & Snowy Roads is a running game that has some humor behind it featuring quite and array of characters such as a vampire, dinosaur, zombie and penguin. As the gamer completes each level of the game they get a new character and new ability but to do so they must cross the busy highway, river or slope without getting hit and dying. This game is played in an aerial view so you the gamer are looking down on the gaming area. The graphics on this game are of those in a block or leggo type game or application.
Temple Run is a treasure quest running game that is featured in a real life like temple setting. The gamer will start at the beginning of the temple and is being chased by evil demon monkeys. As the player runs through the maze like stages they must collect the coins and power ups in order to be able to move up and unlock new runners for the game. This game has a real life view of the runner that puts you right in the game and gives the gamer the real feel along with very life like graphics as well.
temple run
When looking at Crossy Slopes & Snowy Roads and Temple Run together despite them being very different they have a lot of similarities. Both games are running games meaning the point is just to run! These games both also allow the gamer to unlock new runner as they move up through the stages and complete goals. The differences out way in these two though. One of the biggest differences if the graphics of the games themselves. Temple Run was designed to be a real life like game so the player can get the best experience. As for Crossy Slopes & Snowy Roads, however this game does not have any life like graphics and is more of a block or old school feel to it. This is a great game for the gamers who enjoy the older video games. Both of these games offer a score keeping board that allows the player to keep track off their score and compare it with friends to create a competition. Temple Run and Crossy Slopes & Snowy Roads both are on timers as well so make sure you master the skill of the run when downloading these two awesome games.
Crossy Slopes Snowy Roads Mobile game
These are two very neat games. Both of these are offered as a free application for mobile phones and compatible devices. Given the difference in the two games and what gaming experience they offer the player, these two games were designed for hours of mobile gaming fun. Providing fun for all ages Temple Run and Crossy Slopes & Snowy Roads both do well in game reviews. Temple Run has a 4.3 and Crossy Slopes & Snowy Roads at a 3.7 per game ratings from players. Picking between them would be difficult because they both provide a different gaming experience and reach to different audiences.
Crossy Slopes Snowy Roads

Crossy Slopes & Snowy Roads Vs. Crossy Road

Crossy Slopes & Snowy Roads Vs. Crossy Road
Fans of arcade style hoppers rejoice! Developers Hipster Whale and Pearl Games have some super entertaining options for IOS, Android, and Windows phones! From Hipster Whale, we have Crossy Road. If you were a fan of Frogger, you will love this game. The main objective is to get the chicken to the other side of the road safely. There are a variety of different themes and layouts of levels, which makes each one a new experience. The lesser known Crossy Slopes and Snowy Roads (by Pearl Games) has a similar yet unique hopper style feel. The best feature of this game would have to be the unlock-able characters. This game also offers a wider variety of obstacles to navigate.
Crossy Road & Snowy Slopes
Crossy Road & Snowy Slopes

Crossy Road sets itself apart from the competition when it comes to multiplayer capabilities. With an IOS device, you can play with up to four friends on your apple TV! Increasing the size of the game that much drastically increases the fun factor. The obstacles become larger and more visible, allowing extended gameplay. This is a great way to show your friends who’s boss! Another great aspect of this game is the simplicity. If you only have a couple of minutes to spare, you could easily do a couple of runs in this game.

crossy road game

Crossy Slopes and Snowy Roads is incredibly addicting. Once you’ve unlocked a new character, you can’t wait to get the next. Characters can be unlocked by collecting stars during gameplay. These stars are used to spin the wheel of fortune, which decides which character you are awarded. There are a lot to choose from, and each character is different from the last thanks too cool powers. The diverse obstacles are a very refreshing sight. There’s a lot of comedic relief involved in getting run down by a jet ski or Mr. Clause. You might find yourself playing over and over again just to see what comes next!When comparing the two games, a lot of similarities can be spotted. The texture of the environments in both games is fun and blocky. They both also operate of the avoidance of obstacles and high scores.

crossy slopes snowy roads


Similarities aside, one game may suit you better than the other. Crossy Road is great if you want to play with friends at the same time. The option of Wi-Fi based multiplayer is pretty cool, and can come in handy when friends want in. There are different skins available for characters in Crossy Road. These allow you to change the aesthetic of your player for a nice change of pace. Unlike Crossy Slopes and Snowy roads, players do not generally have any powers. This could be a good or bad thing, depending on how you view it. The exploration of different landscapes and characters is a great feature of Crossy Slopes and Snowy Roads. It makes the hours fly by as you play!

Crossy slopes

All in all, both of these games are a blast. They each offer a unique experience with a familiar base, which is really fun to play with. If you haven’t played one of them yet, you should definitely check it out. Having both is also a great option. When you get tired of playing one after a while, switch to the other! Lastly, there is one major plus to both of these apps; they’re free to download!


Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort vs Village City Island Sim

Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort vs Village City Island Sim

Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort and Village City Island Sim are two games that are blowing up in the app store right now. Both of these games are available to be played on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or any other mobile device you may have. Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort was created by a company known as G5 Entertainment AB. G5 Entertainment AB has also created many other strategy and adventure games. Village City Island Sim was established by Pearl Games B.V., a company that manufactures many other virtual reality games for several mobile devices associated with Apple and Android.

Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort can be described as a game that is based on virtual realities. It allows you to build a city in one of four locations: Alaska, Florida, Utah, or Nevada. There are several different building types to choose from. As you continue to play, you can unlock even more buildings and other things to add to your city. After you finish building your city, you are able to live as a civilian in the city that you have created. You are then prompted to complete various activities and challenges, which will earn you points to unlock the extra things you can add to your city. Thus far, this game has received a four and a half star rating in the iTunes App Store.
Village City Island Sim is another virtual reality game that allows for you to make your own city and live in it. In this game, you build you city just like you want it and then you work to attract people to your city’s public venues. For example, one of the places that the iTunes Apple Store mentions is attracting as many citizens as you can to your city’s local park. As you acquire more points by completing various tasks, you can upgrade your city’s buildings, parks, or any other venue of your choice. Village City Island Sim has been rated by many players from around the world. So far, it has been given four and a half stars.

Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort and Village City Island Sim are both very similar in many ways. One of the more obvious similarities is that they are both virtual reality based games. They also both let you build a city in various locations and upgrade your city as the game progresses and as you gain more points from doing different things. Things that can earn you points in both games is slightly different. In Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort, you must complete different tasks while you are living as a citizen in the city that you have created. In Village City Island Sim, however, you must work to attract people to your city and its local venues in order to score points. Another aspect of the game that is different from Virtual City 2 is that you do not play as a citizen and live in your city. It is almost like you are a supernatural being who creates and upgrades the different venues in your city. Something that I personally noted as a difference was that it seems as if you have more to do in Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort. You are able to live in the city that you created in addition to just building it and calling all of the shots.

Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort and Village City Island Sim are two games that are highly similar, yet very different at the same time. Players from all around the world have voted saying that these games are among the best.

Village City Island Sim 2 vs Township

Build It Up
Meticulous planning and attention to detail are qualities that many people who play simulation games like to show off. Creating brand new surroundings with a few taps on a screen is both fun and challenging. A couple games worth mentioning in this genre are Village City Island Sim 2 by Pearl Games, and Township by Playrix Games. Both games give players the thrill of being able to create their own world while immersing them in the exciting gameplay. Any fan of old society building games with love these updated versions.
       splashscreen final logotownship
In Village City Island Sim 2, the object of the game is to create a small city and help it expand. The colors and graphics in this game make it as visually impressive as it is entertaining. There are challenges and tasks that need to be completed to earn money and grown the population. When the citizens of the city are happy, more people move in and the options to expand will grow. After completing certain quests, more buildings like hotels and restaurants can be added to the city which in turn will make the people much more content. In game purchases allow players to speed up certain processes, but they are not always necessary. This game gives players the trilling experience of expanding a small town into a thriving city.
Township is a game that combines farming and city planning in one. By growing crops, players produce materials to feed animals and create other food items. These items can then be used around the town or be sold for money. By completing actions the player will earn dollars and coins which are used for new buildings or to speed up anything that may be taking too long. The more actions a player completes, the higher the level will go. When certain levels are reached, players will unlock other businesses like airports and co-op buildings. This highly addicting game will keep anyone busy with all that there is to do. By taking popular aspects of both city games and farming simulations this game will be hard for anyone to put away.
village city island sim 2
Both games offer a good time for everyone who likes to build something small into something much greater. The real money purchases in Village City Island Sim 2 may be a drawback to people who do not want to shell out real money, though there is still plenty to do without any spending. Township has many more options without tapping into any wallets. The differences between the two comes down to more building options with Village Island, or multiple worlds in Township. Either game will lead to hours of entertainment for any game lover out there.
Mobile games are becoming more popular with each passing day. There are more options available than most people would care to count. What helps the most when choosing what to play next is finding the perfect genre. Simulation games give players control of their surroundings. Starting with some space and a few houses and building it up to a thriving metropolis is what makes Village City worth playing. Harvesting crops and using them to create an economic wonderland makes Township a one of a kind adventure. Regardless of which game a person chooses, the entertainment value is can be felt at every moment.
Village city island sim2